Gooey Butter Cake Squares

This weekend’s coffee hour baking went WAAAY out of bounds when I decided to make Gooey Butter Cake Squares.

Why out of bounds? Because the recipe required me to break 2 of my own baking rules:

  1. Never use cake mix, b/c blech! and also, it’s not really baking if you’re using a mix.
  2. Avoid any recipes devised by a person who recommends using doughnuts as hamburger buns. Do the makers of Liptor pay her to say that? Is she trying to kill us all?

So yes, this recipe calls for a box of partial hydrogenation cake mix that is used to make the crust.

And yes, it is a Heart Attack In A Pan Paula Deen recipe.


Ingredients: butter, more butter, and then cream cheese. With butter. Do you see why I want to rename this recipe “Plate Full Of Sin?”  But omigosh, these are SO GOOD!


It’s really a quick recipe. Which is good, ’cause you can start eating them sooner.

You make the crust first, but you don’t bake it before you pour the filling over it.  I pressed the crust up the sides of the pan a little so it would “contain” the filling and keep it from burning.


And then you mix the cream cheese filling, pour in over the crust, and bake for about 45 minutes. (These had an amazing aroma while baking!)

As it bakes, a thin, puffy crust forms on the top, but it deflates as it cools.


To speed up the cooling, I covered them and put them into the fridge, which turned out to be a good move. It made the crust nice and chewy, and also made them much easier to cut.

Added a little powdered sugar on top, for Prettiness.


They travel well if you layer them with parchment paper in between. It doesn’t disturb the powdered sugar the way plastic wrap does.



Okay, so I broke some rules. But my gosh, these are SO UNBELIEVABLY DELICIOUS that I’m thinking maybe I should break my baking rules a little more often! The Hungry Episcopalians at coffee hour don’t seem to mind at all. 😉


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