A Fortunate Cake Mistake

About 5 or 6 years ago, I tried to make an Orange Date Pound Cake that I’d found on the Taste of Home website, but I messed up. I accidentally poured the ½ cup of orange juice that was meant for the glaze into the cake batter instead . . . while the mixer was running. I couldn’t exactly remove the orange juice from the batter like that time I removed the entire jar of cinnamon that accidentally spilled on top of the Apple Cake batter because as I was sprinkling it over the cake batter, the top came off and all of the cinnamon fell out. No, there was no turning back from the Accidental Imposition Of Orange Juice. So I opted for denial: Orange Juice? What Orange Juice?  I baked the cake anyway. . . AND IT WAS AWESOME!

It was a little lighter than a pound cake, but SUPER moist, and had a really nice orange flavor. TASTEE! How can you go wrong with orange, dates, pecans . . . and buttermilk? Um, you can’t.  (For an explanation of “tastee”, check out Cousin Leah’s new blog!)


So last week when I signed up to bring a coffeecake to my church’s Summer Brunch this Sunday, this recipe came to mind. It’s not really a coffee cake, but with the orange and dates and pecans, I’m saying that it is!

If you want to make this awesome cake, here’s the recipe to which I made the following changes:

  1. Added ½ C orange juice to the cake batter
  2. Folded the zest into the batter as the last ingredient. Otherwise, it tends to clump on the beaters and you have to stop, scrape it off, and mix it in.
  3. Made it in a bundt pan instead of a tube pan
  4. Made only half of the glaze recipe. That’s all it needs because I . .
  5. Applied the glaze with a pastry brush instead of pouring it over the cake. Better coverage. And after it sits overnight, the glaze gets a little crunchy. Mmmm.


If you make this cake, make it one day before you’re going to  serve it. The glaze sets up perfectly, and the texture of the cake will be unbelievable!  You’ll need a sharp serrated knife to cut it because of all the dates and pecans, and  because it’s really moist.

The results:







6 thoughts on “A Fortunate Cake Mistake

  1. Mouth watering!!! On my way now to market for dates and orange juice! Saving this recipe. This coffee cake will make a delicious hostess gift.

    1. While you’re at the market, please oh please get the ingredients for those home-made biscuits! Next church brunch is July 24th. Or you could just bring them to coffee hour any ole’ time! Or FedEx them to me. heh.

  2. Oh my gosh Gwendolyn !
    I didn’t come to the brunch and worked in the church mouse instead… What a huge mistake 😦
    that looks delicious …yummy ,yummy ,yummy 🍊

    1. If I had known, I would have saved you a piece! By the way, I saw you a few pews ahead in church – that dress you had on was FABulous! Love the dark pink jewel tone color.

  3. This looks very tastee! If I try this one, it will be sans nuts, you know, to save them for you. 🙂

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