Bar Cookie Nirvana

After trying many bar cookie recipes and not finding a truly superior one, I resorted to some experimenting. I tried to create PB&J bar cookie earlier in the year. Results: meh. Then there were the Toffee Blondies. Really Good, but not quite Spectacular. Oh, and how could I forget the Hazelnut Bar Cookie Debacle of March 2016? I tried to make up a White Chocolate and Roasted Hazelnut bar cookie recipe and in the process, 1) broke my fave 9×12 pyrex baking pan by accidentally dropping it on the tile floor, 2) burned the Hazelnuts instead of roasting them, so I had to go back to the store to get more hazelnuts, but I shouldn’t have bothered because 3) the Hazelnut bars were AWFUL. I mean AW! FUL!  They tasted like soft concrete . . . but worse.

I refused, however, to give in to Bar Cookie Defeat. I put the Hazelnut Debacle behind me, regained my Bar Cookie Mojo, and decided that instead of making up a recipe, I should go look for a really fabulous one. And you know what? I FOUND ONE!! At long last, I found the BEST BAR COOKIE RECIPE!! It will KNOCK your SOCKS off! So please remove your socks before you taste – or even look at  – these bars, to avoid the dangerous sock flingage that might ensue.


You owe it to yourself to make these. The recipe is easy and the outcome is WOW!

This fabulous recipe comes from the King Arthur Flour website. I really like this recipe because it has options that can be chosen to suit your personal taste. Here are the options I chose:

  1. Used the vanilla-butter-nut flavor i/o the butterscotch flavor. If you’ve never used vanilla-butter-nut flavor, for pete’s sake put your socks back on and go get some now! It’s AWESOME. It gives a much richer flavor. I used more than the recipe calls for:  ½ t. instead of ¼ t.
  2. Used 2 C milk chocolate chunks and 1 C walnuts. It would be even better with pecans, but I was out of pecans because, um, I ate them all – so I had to use walnuts. (Is there a group for pecan addicts? I really need help.)

Also, I followed the recipe’s advice to take them out of the oven when they still look underbaked, and then to let them cool overnight. That was good advice! I left them in the pan and covered them with foil while they were still a bit warm. They set up really well and have an amazing, chewy texture and a perfect, crusty top.


So I’m taking them  to Coffee Hour after church, but will be on guard in case socks start flying around the fellowship hall.  🙂

Thank you King Arthur Flour for a fabulous recipe and for bringing to a conclusion my Bar Cookie Recipe Search. Now I can direct my baking energy towards next weekend’s church event: Sunday Summer Brunch. Should I make Orange/Date/Pecan pound cake . . . or. . . Maple-Bacon cookies?  I’m not sure my fellow church-goers are ready for a bacon-inclusive cookie. But perhaps I underestimate them . . .


3 thoughts on “Bar Cookie Nirvana

  1. Those look so good! Your timing is perfect – it’s summer and no one is wearing socks anyway.

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