No baking, but other stuff to do.

It’s sad that I’ve had no reason to bake recently. But I have kept myself occupied with several other craft-related things.

First, I have been making prayer shawls and lap blankets for the sewing group at my church. They donate the items wherever they are needed locally.

Here’s the most recent one, made with Caron Simply Soft yarn in the color called Pistachio. I just did the double crochet stitch and then varied every 4th row to make it a little more interesting. The edging is a simple single crochet/chain one all the way around.

prayer shawl & blue delph 001

The close up shows the actual color a little better:

prayer shawl & blue delph 002

And I’m also pressing flowers. Yay! These are Blue Delphinium blossoms.  I’ll be using them to make bookmarks to sell at my sister’s Christmas show next holiday season. I sent her some bookmarks for the 2012 show and I didn’t really think anyone would buy them, but they did!  Yes, it’s a bit early to be thinking of next Christmas, but these flowers are only avaiilable from late Jan to late Feb, so I have to get them while they’re blooming.

prayer shawl & blue delph 007

I pressed some of the leaves, too, because I’ll use those along with the blossoms in the bookmarks.  I’ve always been a fan of the color green rather than blue, but I just LOVE the sapphire color of these flowers!  Probably because of the “sapphire” part. You know how I am about the joolwries!

prayer shawl & blue delph 008

So I am still waiting for P&S Sister Sarah and P&S Cousin Audra to get back to blogging.  Is there any hope in this world that you two will start up again? I’m sure that you both have many pictures of many projects and other things that need to be seen!

2 Responses to “No baking, but other stuff to do.”

  1. Get Stitchy with Sarah Says:

    Those bookmarks are going to look gorgeous! I’m off tomorrow so I guess I’ll do a post.

  2. AudraG Says:

    Blog? What blog? I know I said I’d get back to it but right now life hit hard. The kids and I are all on Tamiflu and we are still dealing with the token K swallowed. I’ll blog about it all soon. I promise! At least I have some delicious English Toffee to make me feel better. :)

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