Baby Eagle Cam!

Here in Southwest Florida, everyone goes crazy over bald eagles – especially when they lay eggs.  Entire construction projects have been halted for months, costing the construction company a fortune, so as not to disturb the nests.  A few years ago, a construction company here in my city sued the state of Florida over that issue, but lost in no time flat.  Eagle protection laws here are iron-clad.

The latest eagle’s nest is a bit north of here, but we get regular updates on the local news every night, and everywhere you go in town, people are talking about it.

And here it is for you to see! The mom laid 2 eggs several days apart.  One of them has hatched and, as of today, I can’t tell if the other one has hatched yet or not.  She sitting right on top of them so it’s not always easy to see.  Every once in a while, her hubby brings her a fish. Good hubby. Now how about a babysitter and a night out?

2 Responses to “Baby Eagle Cam!”

  1. Get Stitchy with Sarah Says:

    That is so cool! I bookmarked it so I can watch the fuzzy babies grow up.

  2. P&S Cousin Leah Says:

    Agree with P&S Cousin Sarah! I’m watching them while I work on boring work stuff – makes the day so much better!

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