Variation on Chocolate Malt Cookies

Today’s post features guest baker My Cousin Leah, who had the brilliant  idea (she is a law-yah) to make the malt cookies (from a few posts ago) with Chocolate Malt instead of the regular malt that the recipe calls for.

She said the chocolate malt “deepens the chocolate flavor”, and that the dough was “super chocolately good”. What more do we need?!  We have melted chocolate AND chocolate malt.  Chocoholics, this one’s for you!

Check out her presentayshe! Love the malt ball garnish. And the red berries! An excellent “flavor companion” to the chocolate:

She took them to a dinner with friends, where they received an official rating of “TASTEE”. Thank you, Cousin Leah for the excellent, chocolately idea!


3 thoughts on “Variation on Chocolate Malt Cookies

  1. Well, P&S Cousin Gwen’s blog certainly helps – I need all the photos of the process. Also, I just had a coworker ask for the recipe! (I brought the leftovers to the office)

  2. Those cookies were GONE by the end of the day (except for 2, which I took home for moi). I used the meat tenderizer. It was way too much fun to use, though. 🙂

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