Chocolate Malt Cookies

It is time to do some baking.  Time to try something new.

So in honor of National Chocolate Milkshake Day (Sept 12), I decided to make the cookie version of a chocolate milkshake. On page 218 of The Cookie Bible, I found a malt cookie recipe that looked really good.  (The recipe is also available here if you don’t have The Cookie Bible.)

The recipe calls for malted milk powder and chopped malt balls.  Instead of chopping them, I put them in a zip-lock bag and bashed them with a meat tenderizer.

I bashed them a little too much, so I added more Whoppers and lightly bashed them so they were chunkier and not so pulverized.

Turned out that the dough really needed more of the Whoppers anyway, so it worked out fine.  I ended up using about 1&3/4 cup instead of 1 cup of the bashed Whoppers.

The cookies turned out to be a little plain-looking, so I added some sanding sugar on top.

These cookies turned out to be REALLY good!  Just like a chocolate malt! I have tried several chocolate cookie recipes and didn’t like any of them very much, but this Cookie Bible recipe is a keeper.

The recipe says it makes 3 dozen cookies, but I used a small cookie scoop and made 78 cookies! Next time I’ll use a medium cookie scoop.

I packaged them up to take to coffee hour. Hope everyone enjoys them!


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