This Has Nothing To Do With Baking

YAAAAAY! It’s Saturday!

After a good workout, I ran a few errands and stopped by the produce market.  Across a little alley, there’s a small nursery with lots of beautiful flowers, so I strolled over there to take a look.

While admiring a pink hibiscus, I felt something tapping on my foot.  I thought it was my imagination, so I ignored it at first, but then I felt it again. I looked down and saw this little cutie, wagging his tail and asking for some attention:

OH, the cuteness!!  He was the tiniest puppy!  About 8 inches tall.  He’s got to be part chihuahua, but what else?  I’m not sure.

When his owner told me his name was NoNo, I thought I was going keel over from an overload of cuteness!

He really knew how to pose for pictures:


Not sure I’ve ever seen anything as adorable as that.   Bye-bye NoNo!


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