Are You In A Cold Place?

Are you in a cold, “blue state”, as indicated on the current weather map?

Then I am very sorry for you. Really.  😉

Because I am in the only “orange state” on the map!  We are all very smug here, because it’s sunny and 78 degrees.

AAAHHHHHHHHH.  It was quite warm at the beach this morning, but the steady, cool ocean breeze kept me comfortable.  The sky was deep blue and there was a line of really big, fluffy clouds moving inland.

The birds were out, looking for an early lunch.


Bundle up, my frozen Northern friends! But don’t hate us Floridians too much. Soon you will have warm weather, too.  And then you can laugh at us while we scurry from one side of the state to the other, trying to avoid the hurricanes.


2 thoughts on “Are You In A Cold Place?

  1. Unless you live on this part of the Gulf Coast, in which case you will have freezing temps and hurricanes. But I love it so much, I almost wish I had become a storm chaser/meteorologist.


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