My First Scones

As much baking as I’ve done, I’ve never made scones. . . until today, that is!  I made Buttermilk Scones with Dried Cherries and Orange from my new cookbook, The Art and Soul of Baking.

They’re SO easy to make. The recipe suggested mixing them quickly in a food processor so the butter would stay as cold as possible  – important for proper texture – so it was a really fast prep.  Using buttermilk instead of cream made them soooooo Tastee!

I topped them with some fancy Shimmering Sugar, which gave them a little extra sweetness and a nice crunchy top.

These had the best texture I’ve ever had in a scone.  Not too light, not too dense.  And the orange zest really gave them a nice flavor.

If you make these, I’d recommend folding in the dried cherries at the end instead of adding them in the food processor as the recipe says.  The blade chopped them up into fine bits, but I think they’d be better in larger chunks so you really get that burst of the tart cherry taste.

But definitely make them! They’re really good.


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