Savory Muffins (and Tastee, too!)

Last week I was counting the hours until this weekend, until I could try a recipe from my first fancy baking book, The Art and Soul of Baking.

I decided to start with something kind of basic.  I chose a savory muffin recipe:  Feta, Roasted Pepper, and Basil muffins.

There was a lot of chopping (roasted peppers and fresh basil) but otherwise, nothing complicated.

They turned out to be quite Tastee! (How could they not?  They contain buttermilk!)

And they’re kind of pretty too, with all the red peppers and green basil.

Mine turned out a little dense, because I accidentally used bread flour instead of regular flour (DOH!). Fortunately, I had measured the flour by weight instead of volume, so I figured it wouldn’t be a total disaster. I did feel a little stupid for making such a dumb mistake, but after I tasted one of these, I really didn’t care.  They were still great!  Not as light as a muffin should be, but they had an excellent flavor.

I can’t wait to try them again . . . with the right kind of flour!



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