I made my own potato chips.

There wasn’t anything interesting in the pantry, and I didn’t feel like going to the store.  But I found a lone potato in the fridge.  So I attempted to make my own potato chips.

I couldn’t slice them thin enough with a knife (I have no knife skills) or a mandolin, but I found that a vegetable peeler worked quite well. That is, if you don’t mind oblong-shaped potato chips.

I cooked them in olive oil and sprinkled them with a little salt and pepper.  Mmmm they were delicious and crispy! And so easy to make!


5 thoughts on “I made my own potato chips.

  1. Great idea with the potato peeler. I wanted to make apple chips but didn’t have a mandolin. Problem solved! Thanks!!!

  2. We should invent a larger-sized vegetable peeler that can handle apples and potatoes! We’d be zillionaires! Then we could relax on our yachts, enjoying our potato and apple chips.

  3. Somehow, I missed this one until now. You are now the second blogger who has made her own potato chips. (the other blogger used a recipe, though). I’m very impressed!


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