Cheese Straws, well, kinda.

I’m a little late with my usual Saturday/Sunday post because I spent the weekend in Nougat Rehab, trying to break my addiction to the Nougat I made in my last post.  I am ashamed to admit that I did not share the Nougat with anyone.  I ate it for days and days until it was gone.  And I’m not sorry, either, cuz it was sooo gooooooood!

Okay, on to this week’s post:

For years, I’ve been making Cheese Bites, a spicy little cookie made with extra sharp cheddar and red pepper.  But I decided it was time to get fancy and try to make them into cheese straws.  Recipe here.

So I went to Joann’s and bought some large decorating tips and bags:

and used them to squeeze the cheese straws onto the cookie sheet:

Looked like everything was going well, but when I baked them, they spread out too much . . .

. . . and looked more like cheese blobs than pretty cheese straws.  And they weren’t crispy, even though I baked them a little too long.

Oh well.  They tasted good!  I’m not sure what to do differently.  If I refrigerate the dough, it’ll be too stiff to get through the decorating tip.  I guess I’ll go back to making them in cookie form.




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