Fig-Pecan Macaroons

How could I go wrong with this recipe calling for two of my favorite foods?  1) Figs and   2)Pecans

This is a different kind of cookie.  Not overly sweet. In fact, I’d say the flavor is a little bit “earthy”.  Yet surprisingly, I LOVED them!

The recipe is from Cooking Light.  I normally do not use “light” dessert recipes, because I see no point in “light” desserts. I mean, if you’re gonna have dessert, have dessert!  But my friend Diana gave me this recipe from one of her magazines, because she knows how I love figs, so I just had to try it.

I figured the recipe couldn’t be too bad, because it calls for  . . . . ORANGE ZEST!

(I keep zest in my freezer at all times, so I had plenty on hand.)  The recipe actually calls for 2 t. lemon zest, but are you kidding me?  With figs, you need some orange zest, so I used 1& 1/2 t. orange zest and only 1/2 t. lemon zest, which serves only to boost the flavor of the orange zest.  You don’t actually taste the lemon.

Otherwise, I followed the recipe.

The dough is an egg-white base, beaten until stiff.  Then you add in ground pecans, cinnamon, zest, and powdered sugar.

To keep the chopped dried figs from sticking together, you toss them in a little of the powdered sugar before adding them to the batter.

I used a medium cookie scoop to drop them onto the cookie sheet, and they started to spread too much.  Did I not beat the egg whites enough? There were stiff peaks, so I don’t know exactly what went wrong.  Maybe I should have used a smaller cookie scoop. (I think the recipe calls for teaspoon size.) But then you know how I hate dinky cookies.  They turned out way flatter than the picture on the website, but even though they weren’t the prettiest of cookies, they tasted really good!

They look as if they are an iced cookie, but they’re not.  That’s just the way the bake.  The bottom gets more “done” , while the top stays all nice and shiny.

You have to let them cool all the way or else they’ll break apart when you try to pick them up.  But even after they cool, they’re very chewy and delicious, just like  macaroon should be!


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