Today I woke up feeling like ME WANT COOKIES!!!!

I have just begun my annual week-long Vacation From Good Health.  This means NO working out, NO  spinach salad for lunch every day, NO restrictions on junk food.  Last night I had popcorn for dinner.  I stayed up late and watched Letterman.  I did not exercise this morning.  WOOOHOOOO!!

So anyway,  today I want cookies, and I shall have these cookies. Raspberry Coconut Cookies, to be specific.  I love raspberry, coconut, and cookies, so YAY!  All three at once!

The almond-flavored dough was really sticky, so I had to spray my hands with Pam for Baking in order to roll the dough into balls and fill them with jam:

Then I capped them with more dough and sealed it around the cap so the jam wouldn’t come out during baking:

I think I made these way too big, because the recipe said it made 30 cookies.  I halved the recipe, but only got 6 cookies out of it.

Mine weren’t as pretty as the ones in the pic on the website.  So I topped them with sanding sugar, for Prettiness.

I ate one while it was still warm, and it was slightly reminiscent of a Poptart, except way better!

These have a nice almond flavor and of course the coconut adds to the flavor and makes them nice and chewy. They were even better after they cooled, but I think next time I’d amend the recipe to use butter i/o shortening.



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