Small Batch Baking: Chewy Cookies! Mmmmm!

I had no intention to bake today. Really.  The next thing I know, it’s raining outside and I’m in the kitchen stirring up some cookie dough – a recipe from one of my favorite baking books:

My sister gave this book to me for Christmas several years ago, and it has FABULOUS recipes that each serve 2-3 people.  Perfect for those of us who like baking, but don’t want to make full recipes lest we accidentally ingest the entire recipe and thus have to lose those same 3 pounds . . again.

Today I made the small-batch chocolate chip cookie recipe, except I used white chocolate chips and chopped pecans.

You don’t even need to haul out the big mixer.  You can use a little hand mixer for this one.  Yay! Easy clean-up!

I accidentally melted the butter i/o softening it, so I figured these cookies would turn out kinda flat. And indeed, they did:

They spread really fast, and some of them ran together.

But they still turned out pretty well.  This recipe made 7 good-sized cookies. (Miraculously, I did not eat half of the dough.)

And now for a  closeup.  To make you drool.

Are you drooling?  You should be, because MAN ARE THESE GOOD!

Even though they’re flat, they are chewy and delicious.  You know why?  Because they have brown sugar in them. Alas, where would we be without brown sugar?!  (Answer:  I don’t know where we WOULD be, but I can tell you where we would NOT be:  we would NOT be at the fitness center because we would NOT keep gaining back those same darned 3 pounds.  I curse you, brown sugar! You are  my downfall! Yet I love you madly!)



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