More Quick-Breads

With my church’s annual conference just 10 days away, I am baking quick-breads like a maniac! See, I’m in charge of the quick-breads.  Another lady is in charge of the cookies  – A HUNDRED DOZEN COOKIES.  Oh my gosh! Poor lady!  I don’t even know how many loaves of quick-breads I’m supposed to make.  When I asked the lady in charge, she looked at me with a panic-stricken expression and said, “Just make as many as you can!”

So far I’ve made 17 mini-loaves of various breads, and today I made 7 more.  My freezer is almost full (there are also a  bunch of local strawberries in there). I was in such a rush that I totally forgot to take pictures of the BIP (baking in progress), but here are the end results:

On the left are 4 mini-loaves of Banana Walnut Bread, and on the right are 3 loaves of one of my fave quickbreads:  Orange Marmalade Bread.  This recipe calls for walnuts, but I leave them out.  Why corrupt the sunny, orange flavor of the bread with a stodgey old walnut?  And truthfully, I don’t like even orange marmalade . . . but I LOVE this bread!  It has a whole cup of orange juice in it, 12 oz of marmalade, and only 3 T of oil.  It tastes like the sunniest of sunshine.  Ever tasted that?  No?  Then make this bread! (Without the stodgey old walnuts.)

Mini-loaves are great for receptions because each loaf can be cut into 6 generously-sized slices that are each the perfect size for one person (I hate it when people slice things too skimpy), and they’re easy to pick up from a tray and eat.  No fork required!  I even slice the loaves before wrapping and freezing them.  Then you just thaw them and arrange the slices on a tray.

Tune in later – I’ll be baking again very soon!


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