Another Quick Bread Endeavour

(I’m fancy with the “endeavour”, no?)

It was too rainy to go to the beach this afternoon, so I stayed in and baked a recipe that I found in a cookbook I’ve had for years. I received it as a Christmas gift about 5 years ago from my aunt  – or was it my sister? I’m not sure, but at the time, I had never heard of this cookbook series. It’s apparently all the rage in Canada.  It has some great recipes in it, including candy recipes . . .

. . . but today was not a candy kind of day.  It was a Pineapple Banana Bread day!  “Now” you ask,”wouldn’t that be a little too sweet?”  Good question, but this recipe calls for a cup of bran cereal, which really gives a nice balance to the sweetness of the pineapple, banana, and sugar.  It’s even a little “hearty”, I would say.  I totally forgot to take pictures of the BIP (baking-in-progress) but here is the finished product.  It made 5 mini – loaves.

Something happened to the 5th one.  Somebody ate some of it:

Yes, ‘somebody’ ate some of it and “somebody” thinks that this recipe is definitely a keeper – good texture, nice flavor, and it’s not “the same old same 0ld”. The remaining 4 loaves will be frozen and used later this month at a HUGE convention taking place at my church.


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