No Candy Thermometer Needed!

Do you want to make candy? Are you afraid of the candy thermometer?  Then here is an easy way to make the most delicious Peanut Brittle  . . . . IN THE MICROWAVE!   With NO THERMOMETER!!!  In about TEN MINUTES!!!  (My next career: writing info-mercials.)

Peanut Brittle is the first kind of candy I ever made. Here’s how to make it:

First, you get out your big pyrex microwave-safe bowl, and put in a cup and a half of salted cocktail peanuts, 1 cup of sugar, half a cup of light corn syrup, and a pinch of salt.  Then stir it into a sticky blob. (I use Planter’s Cocktail peanuts b/c they’re nice and big and have the right amount of salt.  Some other brands are too dinky/not salty enough.  And isn’t that the whole  point of peanut brittle?  Big, crunchy peanuts that are simultaneous salty and sweet?)

Then microwave it on high for 5 1/2 minutes.  Meanwhile, cut up 1 T. butter (salted) into small pieces, and measure out 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract and 1 teaspoon of baking soda.  This recipe calls for very little butter, but the end result tastes very buttery!

When the 5 1/2 minutes are up, quickly stir the butter and vanilla into the mixture, and microwave on high for an additional  2 min & 15 seconds.  I forgot to take a pic of this step, but it should look golden and very bubbly.

Take it out of the microwave and stir in the baking soda. Stir from the bottom so it mixes throughout. The mixture will immediately become whitish and foamy. When that happens, stop stirring!

Quickly- QUICKLY –  pour it onto a buttered cookie sheet and let it cool for about an hour.   At first, it’ll still look wierd and foamy – left pic –  but as it cools, it eventually turns glossy  – right pic.

After it cools – this is the fun part –  use your weapon of choice to smash it to pieces.  I use a meat tenderizer.

Mmmm!   This is good stuff.



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