Ginger Spice Heaven

If you like a good spice cookie, here’s the best recipe I’ve found so far.  Crystallized ginger, cloves, molasses, cinnamon, dark brown sugar . . . Mmmmm!  This was an easy recipe: I  just mixed up the dough, rolled it into little balls, rolled the balls in sugar . . .

and put them onto the parchment-paper-lined cookie sheet (Um, one of them didn’t make it onto the cookie sheet.  I accidentally ate it.  And by “accidentally”, I mean “in a deliberate, pre-meditated manner”.)

If you overbake these at all, as I did with the first sheet, they won’t be chewy.  On the second sheet, I took them out of the oven just before I thought they were done, and they turned out perfectly chewy.  While they cookies were still warm, I sprinkled them with sanding sugar even though the recipe didn’t say to do that.  I think they look nicer with the sugar, and it gives them an little extra sweetness to balance out the black strap molasses that I used instead of the mild molasses that the recipe calls for. 

These are awesome.




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